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Scientific Research: How Yoga Works

Posted on: October 16, 2014
We all know that yoga does a body (and a mind) good. But up until recently, no one could really say with any degree of certainty why—or even how—it improves conditions as
William Groh
Calgary AB

Hot yoga is great...yeah right! So that was my initial impression before ever stepping into the studio. My story: I had done yoga in the past, for me, yoga was a compliment to the other activities that I enjoyed: running, cycling, swimming, weightlifting, hiking and skiing. It complimented them in that I never stretched before, during or after any of those activities even though all coaches, trainers and others would say "stretching is an important part of your workout." So enter yoga...bought some dvds to start, hit a few classes at the local gym and/or community hall. I was actually doing it regularly for awhile but I never really felt much of a change. I changed jobs about a year ago, great thing about my location: there is a gym located nearby, it's near a bike path so riding to work is a great option and there is a pool on the way to the office. I also noticed this other place: Bikram Yoga. Hmmm, another yoga place but being close to work, I might be able to get in a routine that again could compliment all the other stuff I do as mentioned above. Did some research and discovered that this is hot yoga...queue my first statement! Ok, so let's give this a try, what do I have to lose? Took advantage of their great introductory offer. Walked in not knowing what to expect, pretty nervous but the folks were awesome and told me the most important thing was to stay in the room. I almost didn't make it, thought I was going to lose my lunch a few times, so poses...was not concerned about them, it was all about staying in the room. I almost did not come back after my first time, but I spent $40 for two weeks and didn't want to waste it, plus I don't give up easily. After a few classes, I was feeling pretty good after the class, during the class was hell! I have now been doing hot yoga for awhile and the classes are still hell but it is not about staying in the room any longer, well sometimes it is, mostly it is about working on the postures, I have seen incredible improvement in myself, the instructors are great, they answer all my questions and offer me advice when they think I need it. The best part is still finishing the class, and I always clap for myself that I came and made it through another one! I don't run, cycle and swim as much and I am getting in better shape than I was with all 3 activities going. I still hit the gym on occasion but not regularly as I used to, because I have learned that yoga is not just about stretching, but also about strengthening. Then there is mental side of it as well but that I won't go into because it is very personal. Needless to say it holds true to "Strong Mind and Body." I'm a regular now and my favourite saying when a friend or family member has an issue is "there's a yoga for that!"

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