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Scientific Research: How Yoga Works

Posted on: October 16, 2014
We all know that yoga does a body (and a mind) good. But up until recently, no one could really say with any degree of certainty why—or even how—it improves conditions as
Jodi Oosterlee
Calgary AB

This was a family change, it's the cure all for everything, if anything is wrong I tell them, (my family) they should go to yoga.

January 2014 was the right time to try yoga, we were ready as a family to move forward and it was a good family thing to do. A family member of ours also drove through the studio windows a while ago, this brought our attention to the studio.

My first class was weird and hot, the hardest part was not talking, but I made it through. The only reason I came back was because I wanted to get my moneys worth for the 2 weeks.

My favorite part of a Bikram class is the new things I learn everyday. I learn about myself and my body and what I think about the world around me...I am always challenged physically and mentally. For me, being still in my mind is the most challenging, monkey brain..more like a charging elephant brain, but I plan to do this for the rest of my life so I have time to straighten it out.

I am motivated by a combination of things, some things I know I can do well and I look forward to that, and things I hate, getting through them and doing the next one, the awareness I have coming from different postures, working through things that have happened in the past, and I love seeing the progress as well, seeing how much I do change. The biggest change so far? Muscle definition of my bicep...I had a hot dog arm before. 

My advice to frst time students is to listen to the instructor, seeds are planted in every class to understand what you're doing better and understand the class better, what I wasn't able to understand and hear before now seems so easy.

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